Thursday, March 12, 2009

My first awarding of "E" Awards.


Last month I was given an "E Award" by James Bond. I had to ask Katy (Just Kate) what the standard practice was, and she said it was to pass the E on to 10 people. The following are deserving winners in my book. They are all people I look for when I grab a few minutes to read my blog subscriptions. I wish I could give a shout out to more. But here, in no particular order:

♥ twinks...wondering ♥ ~ Mish (Michele) writes great blogs about art, as well as other subjects. Two thumbs up!

CHiCKEE ~ Chris started writing just a little bit before me. I have watched her grow as a writer. You will like her.

Just Kate ~ What can I say about Katy? Who doesn't already know her? She pushed me *gently* to write. She is thought provoking. She is a beautiful soul.

BellaDonna ~ The professor who has also given me ideas on how to grow as a writer. Totally blows the old saying of "Those who can - do, and those who can't - teach" out of the water. ***BOOM!!***

deidre ~ Deidre... just read her blogs. A sweetie.

Teri ♥ Michelle ~ tc, as I call her, is funny and you will love her blogs.

Redwine12Roses ~ If you are in the mood for some dark poetry or tasteful erotica, you need go no further than Rose.

Heres a Gem Bec...... ahem... Rebecca is funny and down to earth. Join her on her adventure.

Famous Enuff ~ I always find an interesting take on things when I read Susan's blog. Hopefully you will also.

TAINA ~ The sun and smile of the blogoshere. Worth the time to read. (((HUGS))) And yes.... I'm breaking the rules...

niKi Rok$ (aka roKit QuEen) ~ Always a fun and enjoyable read as you follow Deb's story, told by her with honesty.

Đanny is HeℓℓBoy ~ Come read Danny for a humorous, and slightly twisted take on life.

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