Monday, March 9, 2009

The Colors of Childhood

Katy posted a tag blog that she saw from Marian called The Colors of Childhood and I was one of the people she tagged You can find Marian's blog here: Click, Clack and Katy's here: Click, Clock

Blue: The color of the ocean water when I'd go to the beach. Either the Atlantic or the Gulf. I loved the beach then and still love it to this day.

Green: The color of those oak leaves I got to see clearly again as I was walking out of the eye doctor's when I got my glasses. An awesome feeling.

The color of the sky as an afternoon thunderstorm was approaching. An everyday occurrence in Florida, accompanied with lots of lightning.

The color of my leisure suit. Hey, I was a child of the seventies, are you really surprised?

Yellow: The color of the sun in the sky: either at the beach or at those secret places where my friends and I played. In Florida, the sun is everywhere.

The color of one of my favorite albums. "Back in Black" (I consider my teens still my childhood. I was still growing to become the man I am.)

The color of my bike. The first one without training wheels. Man, did I skin my knees and elbows, but I was determined to ride "like the big boys."

Orange: The color of those "things" hanging on so many of the trees down here. They tasted so good, and we didn't need to go to a grocery to get them. :D

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