Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Wow... has it really been over a year since I blogged? 
Hard to believe... 

When I would be asked why I wasn't blogging like I did with the GBE, especially GBE #1, the reason I gave was that I was too busy with work. 
(Which was true). 
I can't say that anymore, although it seems I'm busier.
This time though it's trying to FIND work.

I want to send this Mother's Day Card message out to all of the ladies out there to wish them a Happy Mother's Day! 

Not just those just on my friend list, but to ALL who read this.  I know that there are some who might not have children of their own, but I'm quite sure that they 
all have been - in some way, or they will be - 
a positive influence to a child. 

There are also some women who, at least to me, have disappeared off social media. They were some of the people who got me blogging in the first place. This is in hopes that they come across and read this. 


Only a mother
can communicate love
without saying a word.
For the many unspoken ways
that you share your love
in your family,
I hope you know that you're
loved and appreciated
beyond measure.

Have a Beautiful
Mother's Day