Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A sonnet by moi??? Yeppers, my first shot at it.

Are you shocked those two words are being used in the same sentence? Okay, I don't blame you... lol. No more than myself.

JB has a
blog and he is is asking people to contribute sonnets, so I gave it a shot.

Although I love poetry, I just don't consider myself a poet.
JB knows this of me, so I can imagine his surprise when I posted it last night on page 12 of his blog.

Do I think I'm poet now? Well... maybe JUST a little. :D


Within Myself

Who am I? What am I? Hazard a guess?
I've been around since the beginning of time

I am something that you can not possess.

A universal language filled with rhyme.

I do not care the color of your skin
Nor how popular or rich you may be

My lack of caring might be to your chagrin

But it's been that way throughout history.

When I lift you up, your senses heighten

I am filled with colors of thousand hue

A kaleidoscope of raw emotion

My melody provides many points of view.

Do you know I'm very close to magic.

That's right. I'm man, I'm woman, I'm music.

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