Saturday, April 11, 2009

GBE 83 - Lust - Strangers on a Rainy Night - Explicit Language/ Adult Content

The word lust can be used as either a noun or a verb.

As a noun, it is defined as an "intense or unbridled sexual desire".

As a verb, it's definition is "to have an intense desire or need;
specifically : to have a sexual urge".

This is the first public posting of a collaboration that I and a female friend (who will remain unnamed) wrote back in the months of November and December of 2008.

We had been debating whether or not to post this - She telling me to; me unsure and stalling. When the topic for this week's GBE was announced - Lust - I decided that I wanted to post it a co-blog. My friend didn't think it would work, and she told me to post it myself.

Our styles, although different, work well together. If I had to sum it up in one word, I'd say - SMOOTH. Besides being THE easiest person to write with, she is also an all around great lady.

The story is unfinished, her post was the last. Why? The Holidays happened; Life happened and it just never was continued or finished

Strangers on a Rainy Night




the rain was pouring down and she had no where to go. the deserted streets were starting to flood on this warm summer evening. she had forgotten her umbrella and with each drop of water, her already sheer dress clung to her breasts. every curve accentuated with her movements. her quick step caused her dress to rise up and press gently into her thighs.

she had been on her way to a dinner meeting when the sky opened causing her long chestnut hair to fall out of its confines. her hair cascaded down her back and on her face. so here is where she finds herself at this very moment. alone in a strange town, and not knowing where to turn. fumbling for her phone, her eyes gazed over to the flickering light coming from the corner. it seems to be a pub of some sort but it was dark and the city lights had not come on yet. she hurried over hoping to find someone to she got to the door she noticed it was locked, so she knocked and called out for help.

two bolts were all it took for him to open the door and there she stood barefoot with her silk dress wrapped tightly against her body, her long hair dripping down . she was clearly distressed. she started to explain to him what she needed but he seemed to not pay attention to what she was saying. he gently took his hand and with confidence brushed her hair away from her cheek.


Sitting in his over-sized chair, he listened to the rain falling on the roof. It was a soothing sound. Even though it was warm out, there was a damp chill and he had brewed hot tea, something he rarely drank. Also because of the weather, he had not opened his pub. It wouldn't have been smart financially, so he had showered and was now relaxing in his robe and his favorite sweat shorts. All of the sudden he heard knocking on the door.

Who could it be, he wondered, as he made his way to the door. Unlocking it, he opened it to see a very wet lady wearing a dress which left little to the imagination. He let his eyes wander down her body, than realized it was shaking. She was trying to talk, but at that moment, all he saw was someone in need. Reaching out, he brushed her hair off her cheek. All he knew was to take charge.

Taking her by the hand, he said "Come in, and dry off. You need to get out of those wet clothes; I have a robe you can put on, and you should get a hot shower." She followed him into his apartment, which was just back of the pub. "First let me get you that robe, and then I also have some hot tea. You get that shower. We don't want you getting sick."

He led her to the bathroom, got a dry towel and his extra robe out of the linen closet. "I'll go pour you some tea." he said. Standing in his kitchen, he let his mind think of the woman's body. She was a beauty. He remembered her subtle lines, ample breasts, the way the dress clung to her thighs and between her legs. Her long hair was wet, but he thought it was an auburn color when dry. In the background, he could hear the shower running. He was feeling warm just thinking of her so he slipped off his robe as he walked up to the bathroom door. Knocking softly, he said "I am putting the cup of tea by the sink" as he reached inside. There on the floor lay her dress, panties, and handbag. As he turned to leave he heard her say "Thank you. Thank you so much" Glancing back, he saw her.


she was entranced by the look in his eyes and how he took her in. she felt comforted and in disbelief that she was in a strange place yet it felt so right.

as she slowly unhooked her dress the cool evening air settled into her bones giving her a chill, goosebumps were all over her body and her nipples were erect. she suspected it wasn't only from the cold but her excitement and anticipation about man that stood on the other side of the doorway.

as her dress fell to the floor she took off her panties and stepped into the steaming shower. at first the hot drops of water stung her chilled body and she pulled back away so not to get burned. slowly she felt the water with her hand and then her thigh. the steam from the hot water warmed her and she got closer. she felt every sensation and she no longer was thinking about where she going. she wanted to be here in the moment and let it take her wherever she needed it to go.

she reached for the soap and saw him standing by the doorway. she should have been frightened every womanly signal was going off in her head, this was not a safe place to be, yet his eyes, she couldn't forget his eyes. they looked deeply into her soul and soothed her in that one moment when he opened the door and took her in.

she knew he was watching her as she let the water cascade down her breasts and in between her thighs. the soap was running down her back as she turned her back to him. she knew he was getting excited just as she already was. she massaged her erect nipples pinching them just a bit to heighten the sensation. her hand slipped down and made its way down her abdomen to her clit and she felt the unstoppable urge to rub it gently. she turned to see him standing there watching her. she looked up into his eyes, took her hand and touched his soft lips. bringing him closer to her she kissed him.


When he glanced back, he saw her nude figure through the frosted glass. Even with it frosted, he could make out the curves of her body. He saw her look his way, but then she turned her back to him. "Did she see me?" he asked himself. He felt like he was in a dream; entranced. He suddenly realized he'd almost walked to the shower door. He could see the back of her head over the door.

And then, she turned around and looked him straight in the eye. Suddenly, the shower door was open. Did he open it; did she? He didn't know or care. All he could feel was a strong urge to be with her that was so overpowering. She reached up and touched his lips. No words were spoken. Luckily for him, he was wearing only his sweat shorts, which he let fall to the floor. His cock was so hard for this woman. Stepping out of his fallen shorts, she took him by one hand and guided him into the shower where the water was starting to steam up the bathroom. He leaned forward to kiss her, his lips soft against hers. She tensed, but then relaxed and began to enjoy the kiss.

Wiping her dripping hair from her face, he gently kissed her eyes, then her neck and back to her lips. He waited to use his tongue; they had time. He explored every one of her curves with his fingertips. He caressed her breasts and smooth stomach, his hands searching lower, working down to her thighs, and to her already very soaked pussy. She ran her hands over his chest and down his stomach, moving
lower. And so it began


his kiss made her weak to resist and she could feel her desire growing inside of her. she wanted him so badly, she felt it and there was no denying it. this was something she never felt before in her life.

his chest was strong as her hand followed every curve. around down, she touched his nipple and brought her lips close. the water streaming down her face she was drinking it in as she kissed him. she felt as if the water was him she was tasting, his soul. it was pouring into her mouth and down her throat. she was over powered by this man it was spiritual and her want and desire for him over came her... there was no reason, just desire.

her hand caressed down his back and every inch of him made her heart moan and soon the soft words made their way out of her and she whispered in his ear. "i want you, i need you"

she took hold of his hard cock and brought it closer to her. she wanted to feel it on her. pressing into her. her pussy was so swollen now. and it throbbed in anticipation. her heart was beating with every kiss deeper. longer. she bit his lip she wanted to taste him, to feel his heart, she wanted his cock inside of her, but he teased her.......

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