Sunday, February 22, 2009

Am I sensing a theme here?

I love THIS Metallic, back when they were selling out stadiums mostly by word of mouth because radio airplay was hard for them to get.

Just 4 talented guys and their instruments.

In my opinion, they are so over produced today, it has caused them to lose that "edge" their music once had.
Allow me to provide a little background to the song and then, give it a listen... watch the video (excellent quality vid I might add). Even if metal is not your thing, come on, branch out, because... Let's all say it together....

*** My favorite line from this song ***

"Emptiness is filling me"
"Fade to Black" is a song by thrash metal band Metallica from their second album, Ride the Lightning (1984). It was the first musical ballad released by the band, and is considered to be the precursor to "One" and "The Day That Never Comes" due to strong similarity in sound, structure, and subject matter. It was ranked as having the 24th best guitar solo ever by Guitar World magazine readers. It is one of Metallica's most famous songs. Since its release, "Fade to Black" has been a fixture in Metallica's live performances. It was also the last song that Metallica performed live with former bassist Jason Newsted. Jason's last gig was at the VH1 Music Awards on November 30, 2000. It was one of Newsted's favorite Metallica songs, and was said to be of great sentimental value to him, although it had been written before he had joined the band. Jason Newsted's previous band, Flotsam And Jetsam, performed a song called "Fade To Black" on their 1986 album Doomsday For The Deceiver before Jason left to join Metallica, although it bears no resemblance to the Metallica version.[1]

[1] From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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