Monday, October 25, 2010


Have you had someone that was in your life that can still evoke strong memories? An old friend; a husband or wife; a lover perhaps? They can make you remember those good times, and also how much you miss them? Yeah, I think we all do.

As the second verse states, I came across some old emails this weekend, and this came to me as I worked today.

Tangled... Jingle-Jangled

I'm tangled up in memories,

Memories of you

That make me feel warm inside

And at the same time, so blue.

I came across some messages,

Emails and poems you sent.

How did I misconstrue what

Your words really meant?

I won't let my words become daggers,

I'm just making sure you knew

That as I stumble through these memories

I'm both happy and blue.


Carmen Lezeth said...

Very nice..

Sherry said...

Tangled indeed... some tangled is a good way to be