Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's Talk About:: Body Language

The video of the song that you are watching and listening to at the moment is not really what I'm talking about here, but I like it. I know you want to watch, so go ahead and then read what came to me last week as I was driving home. Okay? K. :D

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Have you ever, in your "real life" and I know you have, met a person or persons that you have been drawn to. Hell, we all have. They can be an outgoing person, a caring one, or one that just has mutual interests as us. We talk to them and we gauge just how much they want to associate with us. We know where we stand all by their body language.

How much do they really want to talk?

Do they show an interest?

Do they just tolerate you?

Do they seek you out , or are you given the cold shoulder?


A necessary book for life. *laffin*
No, I'm serious.

So here is what I've been thinking.

It's the same here, just not as black and white. You gauge by the chatter. Or by the silence. This, to me, is the "online body language".

Far too often one person will be drawn to another, and the interest from one is not reciprocated by the other. This is sad, and I should know because it has happened to me. I have been in both positions.


What I mean is this. I have had a couple people over the three years I have been here that would message and comment me and want immediate responses. They were, as one friend of mine has pointed out, tiring.

There were a few people that commented me each day who I got to know and now really like. We became friends and I actually look forward to their comments.

A couple though, were persistant. So much so that I began to look at them a little different. I looked deeper into who they were, not just the surface. And I found some that I almost tossed away who turned out to be quite beautiful.

First impressions here can be brutal.

Yet there were others that I just wished would take the hint. Most of you reading this know me and if you don't, know this: I can't stand to hurt someone. But there were a couple I had to block. :(

Now I also have been on the other side where I'd be the one who wondered "Why don't they answer me?"

I was wanting approval.

I was wanting acceptance.

I was now the tiring one. And I didn't even know it.

What I want to say here is, don't just give one look. I've found that I have discovered diamonds in amongst those persistent rocks. They are rare, and I know that for some of you, you do not have the time to give each and everyone that friends you that attention. I'm just saying, maybe more than one impression should be allowed.

I am constantly discovering things about myself and life. I am truly a work in progress.

In conclusion, I want to say a thank you to all the wonderful people whom I have been allowed to really get to know. Thank you for allowing me into as much of your world as you are comfortable.

And also an open apology to those who I have been a "persistent rock" to.
To those people whose boundaries I pushed just a little too much.

You know who you are. ;)



Tell me what you think about body language. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Sherry said...

Ok so here is the thing... Body language just like any language gives us directive as to what a person is thinking or feeling. It is an art and some people are not, well, lets just say they are by no means Picasso. Some people are instinctively versed in covering up their "vibes" and are able to pull off the non chalance as if it were nothing, but then there are some who are overbearing or tiring as you say. These folks are lacking something in their daily lives and looking for approval elsewhere. We have all been in both positions at some point or another. I think that the key is to hone in on your instincts in readings someones body... and yes first impressions set the stage ;)