Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super Power Mission - Cadet Kev®

The mission is simple: What super power would you like to be blessed with?
That's easy. I would like to be blessed with the gift of invisibility! I would fly the universes on my silver surf board, becoming invisible when needed.


I would dress up in a suit and tie and wear my hat.

Just think, I could glide in and use my power for good. Help the "little man" and the oppressed.

On a personal side:
Oh no, here comes my landlord. Disappear. Was I speeding officer? Disappear. Need to avoid bodyguards to see famous people. Walk right by. Climb on my board Jenn, and I'll fly you to Johnny Depp's, but I won't be staying. I'll be heading to Emmanuelle Chriqui's.


That's when I may get the reputation as:


X-ray vision wouldn't hurt either, but that would be selfish, seeing how I'd probably only need that for personal use. ;P
Mission Complete. Over & Out.

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