Sunday, August 23, 2009


I watched a DVD Saturday night of the movie "Fragments" aka "Winged Creatures", starring Forest Whitaker, Guy Pearce, Dakota Fanning, and Kate Beckinsale. It was good, although it wasn't what I thought it would be.


Movie Details
A moment of random violence erupts in an ordinary Los Angeles diner. The survivors find that the meanings of their lives have changed. No matter how much their families and friends attempt to understand, these individuals must follow their own paths to recovery seeking to regain trust in a world that now seems chaotic. A story that explores the notion that our lives are fleeting, like birds in flight, like winged creatures.*

*from Yahoo! Movies

At the end of the movie, Dakota Fanning's character Anne Hagen says these lines. I just wanted to share.

In the ordinary world we trust in where things belong. Everything has a place, and believing in that makes us innocent. And through the days under the same sky we hope, dream, and laugh. We find and loose our way. Endings are beginnings, and moments like pieces fit together again.

I also found the movie poster for "Winged Creatures", which I like better than the DVD cover for "Fragments". Just sayin'.


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