Monday, August 10, 2009


I have a close female friend who asked me this question about men. "Do men daydream about women like women daydream about men?" When she asked, I assumed, and we all know what happens when we do that. I have to admit it stung a little at that moment. I wrote my feelings down on a legal pad; just let the words and feelings spill out. My friend is special to me, and I don't want her to ever feel bad. She has taught me a lot about looking at Life with a positive viewpoint.


I felt like a fool
All day long I've thought of you
Last night you asked me if
Guys daydream about girls.

At the start all girls do,
You ventured to say.
When they meet someone new,
When they think about them... alot.

So what did I do
But go and spill my guts
Told you how I think of you
How you are on my mind... alot.

A pause; then you said
That you don't want me to hurt
At that moment I wished I'd fled
not the guy you're daydreaming about.

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