Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thank goodness for recordings................

If Janis Joplin had broken into the music industry today, she wouldn't have made it. Sex sells. Record companies aren't looking for talent;Look at who they push at the youth as pop- no-talent posers like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashley, etc.

This is a great version of "Summertime". The trumpet and clarinet intro anticipating her powerful voice mingle perfectly with the sad sweetness of the first minor chords of the guitar.

One of the few songs you can listen to over and over, year after year without ever getting tired of it.
And the lyrics are so simple, and yet so intense.

Timeless grace.
Hey all you young ones out there, listen to that emotion. Rare that you hear that from female singers nowadays.

Summertime, time, time,
Child, the living's easy.
Fish are jumping out
And the cotton, Lord,
Cotton's high, Lord - so high.

Your daddy's rich
And your ma is so good-looking, babe.
She's a-looking good now.
Hush, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby.
No, no, no,
Don't you cry, don't you cry.

One of these mornings
You're gonna rise, rise up singing.
You're gonna spread your wings, child,
And take, take to the sky,
Lord, the sky.

But until that morning,
Honey, nothing's going to harm you now,
No, no, no no, no no, no...
Don't you cry -- cry.

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