Saturday, January 11, 2014

Who am I? - Prompt 1 – January 8, 2014

I am many things. In no particular order I am:

a son
a friend
a confidant to a few
an acquaintance to many
a catalog coordinator, aka a merchandiser 
a lover of the Arts

and let's not forget music. definitely a lover of that. 
it is something I cannot fathom: a world with no Music.
Peace to you all. :) 



Jo said...

Yes, you are those things and you are art. If all of life is art, then we are artists creating our masterpieces...I love that thought.

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daphne romero said...

well said. i love this.

Joyce Lansky said...

So is your post. Art that is.

Tyler Myrth said...

Nice to meet you Kevin - have to agree it is impossible to imagine a world without a beat

Kev said...

@Jo... I removed the captcha; I'm now "captcha free". Thank you for reading.

Kev said...

@Daphne... Thank you! :)

Kev said...

@Joyce... EVERYTHING is art.

Kev said...

@Tyler... It's nice to meet you as well. I remember reading you back on MS. Yes, the world would be a lonely place without music.

Anonymous said...

And art is beauty.

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you Kev. :-)

Ariana Browning said...

Wonderful. :) And you are a fabulous man. Let's not forget that one.

P.S. The banner looks good up there ;)

Amy Morgan said...

"a catalog coordinator"... love it! Nice piece.

Steven said...

Music is the blood of life. Along with water and food, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I love this. Life is art and so is music. Both make this world a thing of beauty.

Tai said...

Not sure this is a double comment. My internet went down while doing the first. I HAD said, it was good seeing you here. I treasure you as my friend and whenever I see the word "music" you will forever come to mind! Loved the shadow man picture as well.


"Music is playing inside my head. Over and over and over again. My friend, there's no end to the music." Carole King