Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another open letter to Senator Andy Gardiner re: Wekiva Parkway

Hey Andy... me again

So let's add 1.8 billion to the "$2.3 billion in debt the authority has piled up over 46 years" Oh yeah, that's brilliant!

Yep, politics, pure and simple. Again, I must repeat something I said in my last two, count them, two emails that you never responded to. Go back and read them.

Why is it that politicians are so hyped to get this road built, but not the public whom they are elected to represent? I remember hearing a man say in regards to Rich Crotty's push to build it: That all he wanted was his name on the plaque. With mostly just politicians pushing it, it does make me wonder. Maybe it's that I just don't see the "whole picture" as to why this beltway is so freaking important.

I must also stress that the education and future of our children is more important than the completion of the beltway. You are saddling them with a debt that will not be payed off in their lifetime.

And why is a senator who doesn't represent or even live in the district it will impact pushing so for it to be built?

It does make me wonder...


DrHoneyDew said...

talk about SHOT expectations.. : (

ok..now get refueled and write one for us (GBE2)..achem..as you write in light of the positive..you WILL get refueled...we will pray for Senator Andy.

My first horse was Andy..he was a TB not a mule. ok won't go there. WE NEED MR ED

Kev said...

@DrHoneyDewI love seeing Dr HoneyDew back.

No, this was not for the GBE2, if that was your EXPECTATION. lol Just me ranting at a politician.