Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Am

I am tempting, I am painful

I am everything you need

I am fearless, pure evil

On your soul I will feed

I will cut you to pieces

Of this I am sure

leave you anguished, alone

And writhing on the floor

I am jealous and envious

I cause nothing but pain

I will tear at your heartstrings

Again, and again

I will confuse you, amuse you

Make you suffer no doubt

When you think you are safe

I will rip your heart out

I am selfish, egotistical

I am pleasure and pain

I will torment you, absorb you

And drive you insane

I will make you believe

Then realize your worst fear

If you try to mistake me

You will pay most dear

You can not escape me

I will not allow

I will desperately hunt you

I will find you somehow

I will be in the shadows

I will wait in the rain

I will try and ignite you

Set your soul aflame

And once I have found you

Emotions run high

As I tear down your walls

Make you crumble inside

I will break every promise

I will always forsake

I am cold and as heartless

As a poisonous snake

My power you will harness

You are floating on air

And that's when I'll fill you

With dread and despair

You think you can't find me

And then when you do

I will take every breath

And emotion from you

In case you mistrust me

I'll go out of my way

To make you believe

Before I mislead and betray

Don't try to fight me

It is worse if you do

Then I will make you suffer

Like you never knew

I will make you surrender

you will be enslaved

And stand idly by

while I seduce and deprave

And when you recover

Which you will eventually do

When you least expect it

I will come back for you

So now you may wonder

Just who I am

I am love you poor fool

And I don't give a damn!

Copyright © 2007 Rose Rosen

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