Monday, November 17, 2008

GBE 62 - Favorite Sports/Pastimes

I know I am late, but as the old saying goes,
"Better late than never" I hope you enjoy this.

In high school I really liked basketball. No, I didn't play, although I kept stats for the school team and helped in practice on defense. I always watched the NBA and the ABA players with admiration because this white man can't jump. LOL. I especially liked Dr. J.


(note the red, white & blue basketball. ABA, baby)


Watch him in action.

Then along came the man who made me LOVE basketball and appreciate the talent the players have. They are, to me at times, like ballet dancers.
And this man could fly.
His name – Michael Jordan

Here he was at
the University of North Carolina.


Then, da Bulls.




Check out his Top 10.

Here they are. Side by side. Photobucket

Can you tell I love basketball?


This is my submission to the GBE. This week's topic is Favorite Sports/Pastimes.
The GBE, or Group Blogging Experience is great fun. Each week (usually on Tuesday) we are given a general topic by our fearless leader Alicia and we have until that Saturday to blog about it. Say whatever you want. Silly, serious, true, fiction, debate.... whatever. It's up to you. If your interested just go to Alicia's Blog and check it out. If you want to participate comment her blog saying "I'm in", that's it. No big sign up or anything. You blog and she'll link to your blog and everyone else's on Saturday.

Make sure you're not private though, so that everyone can read your blog.

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