Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GBE 53

The man stood looking at the rock wall of the Greek mountainside. He knew what was behind it, discovering it while on his travels. Having just seen his teacher die, he was interested in investigating it now more than ever. What lay behind that rock wall was a portal to either another time or space. Where would he end up? This he did not know or care; the calling of the portal was too great.


He rounded a corner on the trail he was following at a steep decline. He could hear the popping noises of the portal and then, there it was. It had two columns on either side with skulls carved on them. Inside, it was a purplish color. He walked up to it and placed his hand in it. It was warm; electric. Taking a deep breath, he walked through.
The landscape he walked onto was like none he'd ever seen before. Green with gold stripes, along with strategically placed silver dollops created the world he was looking at. Where was he? He strode forward. All around him was the sound of words and pictures. They flew past him at such a high rate of speed. He stepped into one of the noisiest stripes. To him, they were roads and he thought he could figure out where he was by going to the noisiest and busiest.


On the road were thousands of boxes, all showing activity, some more than others. He came to the loudest one. Reaching inside, he was overwhelmed. He could understand the words and was trying to make sense of them. Google? What was that? He could see a crude form of his Greek language, yet he could understand all that he was immersed in. Then, he saw his name. "Plato". Then he heard the name of his teacher. "Socrates". He was so surprised he quickly pulled his hand out and moved on to another box. This one was loud yet not as loud as the one he had left. He heard the name Sophocles before he placed his hand inside. What is his name doing here? Plato thought as he reached and found it. He was getting better at finding quickly what he wanted. "I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating" ~ Sophocles. Funny, I never remember him saying that, Plato thought. He laughed, remembering the time he caught Sophocles cheating on a simple game. Interesting. Now this was unusual. There was a number by the reference of Sophocles and a name. Blogger? The numbers all seemed to be random and orderly at the same time. http:// last-week-subject-was-independence. html. Plato kept one hand in the not so noisy box and placed his other in the one he remembered being called "google". Did it say anything about him? Suddenly an assault on his mind as information started flooding in. Quickly he grabbed hold of one of the millions of threads active in the box. It was called Wikipedia. What did it say about him? "Plato founded one of the earliest known organized schools in Western Civilization on a plot of land in the Grove of Hecademus or Academus.[25] The Academy was "a large enclosure of ground which was once the property of a citizen at Athens named Academus... some, however, say that it received its name from an ancient hero",[26] and it operated until AD 529, when it was closed by Justinian I of Byzantium, who saw it as a threat to the propagation of Christianity. Many intellectuals were schooled in the Academy, the most prominent one being Aristotle.[27]" That can't be, Plato thought. He had planned on returning to Athens and dabbling in politics as Socrates had. And who was Aristotle?

"I am" came a voice from behind Plato. "What? Who are you; where are you?" Plato stammered. On his left hand side appeared a glowing figure. "I am known as Ἀριστοτέλης Aristotélēs, but please just call me Aristotle. You are surprised of what it says of your life? If you go back as planned, you will die as surely as your teacher, Socrates. He did not listen to me either. I warned him" Plato stared. For one of the first times in his life, he found the words hard to come by. "Socrates came here?" he finally asked. Aristotle smiled. "Do you remember Socrates' reliance on what he called his "daemonic sign", an averting inner voice only he heard when he was about to make a mistake? It was this sign that prevented him from fully entering into politics. I even heard Socrates considered this to be a form of "divine madness", the sort of insanity that is a gift from the gods. It was not a gift; It. Was. Me! It was ἀποτρεπτικός apotreptikos. Understand?" The last few sentences were said with a tint of anger. "Listen, Plato. This" spreading his arms wide to take in all "has been here since the beginning of time. Only I can alter it. What people in later years will call edit. This time I am coming back with you. I must set things right again. I know many different versions of both the past and future. I am going to start taking an active role with humans to teach them logic and syntax. You will open your Academus and teach as well. I will be your student. Maybe someday, you mortals will discover this world and harness its powers. It is ONE of the futures. Come, let us leave this place now. We will return."



Thank you Danny for the Photoshop.


Two terms that were part of Socrates-Plato-Aristotle philosophy are now are used in reference to computers today.
*The term syntax is used to refer to the rules governing the behavior of mathematical systems, such as computer programming languages. * A daemon (Disk And Execution MONitor) is a computer program that runs in the background, rather than under the direct control of a user; they are usually initiated as background processes.

Some of the blog came From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


This is my submission to the GBE.
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